Buildings from Earth

The Claygar company would like to start up the boom which has occurred in Western Europe also here, in the Czech Republic. This means that the most modern form of living is represented by constructions featuring low energy demands and using natural materials. In our country it is possible to see two types of constructions made of recyclable materials, these are houses of popular village architecture from the 20th and 19th centuries, whose renovations require the use of clay (unburnt) bricks and earth plasters as a step which is necessary in order to preserve their historical styles. Another type of these constructions is formed by newly constructed residential houses which significantly reduce energy expenses in terms of both production and operation, thanks to the use of clayey and loamy materials, and cause lower environmental impacts. The most important factors for our customers are especially the health harmlessness of our products and their favourable effects on human health.

Clay bricks need not always be a predominating material in the entire building, but they can alternate and favourably interact with other materials (such as wood). A wall built of compressed earth blocks is an aesthetical element by itself, which is used by architects and interior designers while creating rustic as well as modest residential designs.

The first contemporary loam constructions in our country are mainly sample houses of environmental and not-for-profit organisations or small projects of advanced building firms, nevertheless compressed earth blocks gradually start to return to our villages as an ideal material for construction of farm buildings and family houses. The aim of the Claygar company is the production and promotion of compressed earth blocks CLAYGAR and earth plaster mixtures which we perceive, with the use of up-to-date technologies, as materials of the future. We would also like to highlight the still unused potential of these materials during construction of industrial and useful buildings, such as factories, production halls, warehouses, and to address building firms dealing with residential constructions.

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